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Niwaha Barnabas

He has got experience in conducting scientific research as well as communication of the research findings. And most importantly he's a good team player and  believes in professionalism, integrity and respect for all.

With growing interest in the new concept his promoting "Travelling as a Programmer". All this is visible in his efforts to encourage programmers to alternate their working environments by travelling.

One time on safari Niwaha Barnabas conceived an idea of planning your own safari  along with his team.

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  • Mammals 97%
  • Birds 62%
  • Botany 80%
  • Reptiles 76%
  • Anthropods 78%
  • Fungi 80%
  • Mountains 70%
  • Lakes 90%
Client Names Date Guest Comment
David Kinrade 12-12-2018 He was such an amazing Guide